o UEFA InterToto Cup '95


Semi finals (August 8,22)

These take place within the context of the preliminary round of the UEFA Cup.

1st Leg (August 8 '95)

Tirol Innsbruck (Austria) 1 - 1 RC Strasbourg (France)

Girondins de Bordeaux (France) 2 - 0 Karlsruher SC (Germany) [Report]

2nd Leg (August 22 '95)

RC Strasbourg (France) 6 - 0 Tirol Innsbruck (Austria)

Karlsruher SC (Germany) 2 - 2 Girondins de Bordeaux (France) [Report]

All French Result

RC Strasbourg& Girondins de Bordeaux qualify for the 1st round of the UEFA Cup

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Intertoto Cup

Colm Ó Riain